Security consulting

Security consulting offers services of organizing and managing the system security where man is centered in correlation with the environment. Requirements and needs of the security systems making conditions in planning activities in the field of security, implementation of activities and control their implementation, with a goal of creating conditions for safe operations and reduce the potential risk.

The business is fully in line with National Standards for risk assessment in the protection of persons, property and business SRPSA.L2.003. Institute for Standardization of the Republic of Serbia and the knowledge and skills of employees are adapted to high safety standards and modern business.

Asset protection and business are our imperative and fundamental mission and client satisfaction is our energy.

We offer solutions in these areas of security consulting


  • - detailed vulnerability assessment (risk types, risk points, the probability of harm and the consequences),

  • - suggestion of optimal care,

  • - survey of security state, surveillance and control of security procedures,

  • - analysis of the business environment

  • - interpretation of the legislation in the field of security protection


  • - development of security plans

  • - analysis of existing security plans and their improvement

  • - preparation of emergency plans

  • - review of existing emergency plans and their improvement

  • - define of the operational and working procedures

  • - creation, development and improvment of the security studies


  • - execution of training courses for all levels of staff for security sector

  • - education and seminars for all levels of staff for security sector

IT support

Modern business enterprise is closely related to information systems. Downtime of IT systems is also standstill in the entire business enterprise, therefore the reliability and availability of IT systems is critical.

What distinguishes us in the market is to provide our clients with complete IT support which continuously provide stability and support a complete computer system and all its parts, and leaves the client to focus on their primary area of operation.

Our experts and certified professionals from various fields of information covering almost all branches of IT and quick response can help you with any problems with computer systems. We will help you build a computer system tailored to your needs or we will improve existing and to improve its efficiency and reduce the cost of its maintenance.

We offer solutions in the areas of IT support


  • - Design, installation, configuration and maintenance of computer networks

  • - Installation and maintenance of servers and other equipment

  • - Design, construction and maintenance of IT systems

  • - System integration of computer network systems with video surveillance and physical security

  • - Print management

  • - Service and maintenance of desktop and laptop computers

  • - Supply and replacement of IT equipment


  • - Web site design, online store, e-classrooms and SEO optimization

  • - Development of special purpose applications and programming

  • - Google Apps configuration and implementation

  • - Development of Android, iPhone and Windows mobile applications

  • - Accommodation website - Web Hosting

  • - Accommodation and configuration of e-mail service

  • - Development of on-line backup system


  • - Back-up and security of data storage,

  • - Data recovery from disk drives and other media

  • - Protection of computer networks

  • - Protection and encryption of the data

  • - Digitization of documents and archives - scanning and microfilming of documents


  • - Carrying out training courses for all levels of computer literacy

  • - Preparing staff for taking certified courses

Surveillance and technical protection

Video surveillance systems as a means of protection and prevention in recent years achieved great progress and are used in a variety of conditions, the control and surveillance of space and people to prevent theft and other offenses.

We offer a comprehensive system of assessment, design and implementation of video surveillance and physical security, selecting the optimal equipment, its procurement and networking equipment with computer systems in your company.

We offer solutions in the areas of implementation of video surveillance and physical security


  • - Detailed assessment of risk points

  • - Development of a study to set up video surveillance

  • - Preparation of reports for fire protection

  • - Design, installation, configuration and maintenance of video surveillance

  • - Integration of video surveillance and physical security in a network


  • - Video surveillance and technical protection

  • - Time and attendance - access control card

  • - Biometric fingerprint access control

  • - Establish a system for warning

  • - Perimeter Protection

  • - Construction of fire protection systems

  • - The construction of communications systems

  • - Video intercom systems

  • - Sensory control of movement

  • - Monitor and track vehicles

  • - DVR recorders for vehicles - video recording of the vehicle

Human resource management

Human resource management is one of the most important factors in the context of institutional development, strategic development, operational management and performance management. Human resource management is a continuous process and a series of processes which include admission and selection of staff, personnel selection and including analysis of environmental influences on the choice of staff, establishing performance indicators and assess values and techniques of promotion; continuing education, an analysis of the job classification with a detailed description and tasks; determining objective and subjective criteria of progress, the introduction of motivational elements.

The competition in which every competitive advantage to be easily achieved by simply copying, human resources as a strategic advantage in a potential that is most profitable to invest. Talent has no limits. We optimize human potential and maximize the engagement of people by providing superior solutions for understanding, acquiring, developing and retaining talent. People define the company and the biggest success of his creators.

We offer solutions in the areas of human resource management


  • - The process of recruitment and selection of employees

  • - Profiling candidates

  • - Organizing centers for evaluation (set of tests designed to evaluate managerial potential candidates)

  • - Conducting interviews with a proposal to select appropriate candidates

  • - Training and education of employees

  • - Vocational guidance and career development


  • - Job classification - Analysis and optimization of the draft terms of reference

  • - Discovery, assessment and talent management

  • - Assessment of operational efficiency and employee performance

  • - Assessment of potential employees with the proposal in appropriate positions

  • - Examination of the organizational culture and employee

  • - Development of a model of competence


  • - Psychological preparation employed in hazardous and stressful jobs

  • - Psychological treatment after surviving crisis and traumatic events

  • - Stress management

  • - Motivation of employees

  • - Training and communication skills and self-confidence

  • - Training of psychophysical relaxation